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Selected Exhibitions

Drive In: House of Cars
Black Cube Nomadic Museum
720 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203
August 18, 2018

Titled after a 2010 exhibition at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C. “House of Cars: Innovation and the Parking Garage,” this exhibition Drive-In: House of Cars reimagines the parking garage as a venue for contemporary art. In this exhibition, eleven Colorado-based artists use their own, or borrowed, cars as inspiration for temporary artworks that explore our multifaceted relationship with automobiles. The artworks in the exhibition expand on how each artist relates to cars as not only forms of transportation, but as an extension of identity, economy, and symbol of freedom. This final exhibition takes us to the common space of a minimalist two-story parking garage located within Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. First developed in the 1920s in the U.S., these structures have grown to dominate the urban landscape and are a significant aspect as to how cities are designed. At a moment when car culture is dynamically changing nationally (self-driving technology, electric vehicles, U.S. oil surplus) and locally (density, higher traffic), Drive-In: House of Cars offers a place for viewers to ponder how we personify automobiles, beyond the realm of functionality. 


For this exhibition, Morris created “Care Package Distribution Vehicle''; a site specific installation and performance for which the artist created over 100 sculptures to be sold from the back of an altered counterfeit truck belonging to a company called “SLMPS” (Sophie Lynn Morris Postal Service). Confused patrons struggled to find more information about this mysterious truck and its contents due to the absurdly difficult to navigate customer service website (, which after clicking through eventually produced a phone number to call, who’s voicemail was set up to direct you to e-mail customer service: The work concluded months later with e-mailed receipts, sent to anyone who purchased a care package. 

I had a dream that you were a fountain
3004 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205
November 9th - December 1st, 2019

I had a dream that you were a fountain, connected directly to the source, and your supply never ran out, like a wellspring, or an aquifer, or a geyser. It was clean, crystal clear, pre filtered, flowing out in all directions. It’s deep, but you could see the bottom so it wasn’t scary. And it washed over me and my body, we could drink it and it tasted good, we held it in our mouths, we splashed around in the abundance. We tried to bottle it for later but it was like a cork holding an ocean; it flowed through our fingertips like sand. We did not know what to do with the excess so we sent it on a long journey from an underground pipe, to a river, to an ocean, flowing out in all directions, and I remember hearing waves and ocean noises, I do not remember feeling cold, we just returned it, back into the everythingness, and when they ran away from the fire they jumped in for safety.

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